Her name yields 200,000 results of makeup tutorials on YouTube, her lips sparked their own social media challenge and her favourite MAC lip pencil experienced a worldwide shortage after she plugged it.

Indeed, women everywhere are so desperate to emulate Kylie Jenner's plump pout that they've resorted to extreme measures to get the look, often with painful results.

One chemist does, however, believe he has created the cheap and pain-free answer to getting Kylie's look: a lip gloss that promises to give you a plumper pout lasting up to two weeks.

Instant Effects Instant Lip, £24.99, claims to give you an Instagram-ready pout in under two minutes without any of the usual stinging or aggravation associated with traditional lip-plumping products.

Is this £25 gloss the cheap and pain-free answer to lip filler? Product that promises to give you a Kylie Jenner pout for TWO WEEKS launches.... so does it work?

· Instant Effects Instant Lip claims to deliver bigger lips in two minutes
· Packed with water-binding substances to boost collagen and blood flow
· Claims to give an Instagram-ready pout that lasts two weeks

Makers claim that this moisture held within the skin will help also prevent cracked, dry lips.

So convinced is creator Richard Mears, who also founded celebrity-loved Cult51, by his invention that he believes it ‘spells the end for invasive lip fillers’.

So does it work? Sophie Lewes, 27, from London, and blogger Jessica, 24, who runs Cocoa Chelsea, both tested the product in an attempt to channel their inner Kylie Jenner.


Blogger Jessica, from Cocoa Chelsea, left, before, and, right, after, also tried the product and it boosted her lips in a few minutes

Speaking ahead of the trial, Sophie said: 'My lips are thin and totally lack volume. I am obsessed with Kylie so I was desperate to get my hands on this.

'It is a case of a lot goes a long way; I had to really slick it on with four layers to get it working. The consistency was pretty gloopy but did feel very moisturising. Lots of lip glosses dry my lips out but this was a two birds one stone approach because it soothed my lips and gave them volume, too.'

Sophie was impressed with the results but noticed the effects did start to wear off slightly after the first day. Likewise, Jessica noticed her lips plumping within seconds of using the product.

Sophie said: 'Day one was great; I had this huge glossy pout but after two weeks, I was definitely needing to reapply the gloss.

'I would absolutely buy this and use it ahead of a night out; it is perfect for that. I am way too scared to get filler, which can cost hundreds of pounds every time, so, for me, this is a much simpler route to bigger lips.'

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