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Who Are We


The creator of Instant Effects, Richard Mears has been in the industry for over 25 years working alongside house hold named brands helping to create some of the best-selling beauty products on the market./

In 2009 he became jaded with being asked by major brands to create products that did not truly deliver the efficacy he knew end customers actually craved for. The skincare market is saturated with beautifully packaged products that make promises that don’t deliver.

Industry sources confirmed that:
‘A quarter of all users in Europe have given up believing any claims made by products’. *
• ‘Around 67% of people are dissatisfied with the lack of actual product delivery of perceived product copy’.*

Having extensively researched consumers’ needs and frustrations he set about creating products that would not only satisfy the need and continued request for something that actually works, but also to do it within categories with proven results orientated demand.

2 years of research later his first product within CULT51 took the beauty world by storm, just one night cream with 51 anti-aging benefits proven through Independent clinical trials.

Through continued ingredient and market research his second brand was created; Instant Effects: is a stylish yet scientific brand with effectiveness at its core. All products have been proven through independent clinical trials.

Delivering targeted treatments using unique knowledge and scientific expertise these relatively simple concepts have advanced technology at heart. Instant Effects consists of Instant Lip, Instant Eye Lift and Instant Lash. These three products have been formulated using ingredients with proven technology that deliver truly significant visible results within minutes. As he says himself “I only want to create and be responsible for products that actually deliver true efficacy. If they do not out-perform every other product within the category the product will not be launched.”

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